Matt is from Statesville, NC and his exposure to music came first from his mother through her love of Motown. In his youth, he found fascination with various types of music and was always anxious when he heard a sound that was different or foreign to his ear. His real education began in his early teens with his late uncle, who would turn him onto his record collection. It included many kinds of early 50's Rock, 60's Pschedelic Rock and British Rockers aside Pre-war, 50's electric and Hill Country Blues. When he introduced Matt to 1950's records by Lightnin Hopkins and similar musicians, he was taken by the rawness of the recordings and was inspired to play guitar.

When he was 13, Matt got a knock off electric guitar for $25 at a flee market. Rather than going to the prom or attending football games, he sat out to learn how to play the stripped down Blues that his new idols played. At the same time, he was also listening and learning from 50's Rock/Sun Records, Stax Soul, old Country, 60's and 70's Rock or whatever else he could find, as long is it had feeling and and wasn't contrived.

Through former Muddy Water's guitarist, Bob Margolin, Matt had the privledge of backing up legendary artists early in his career, such as Pinetop Perkins and Hurbert Sumlin. Matt's only solo recording, 'Hard Luck,' was released in 2007. 'Hard Luck' featured all original material with the focus on uncompromising, visceral sounding Blues that reflected Matt's love for guitarists like Willie Johnson (Howlin' Wolf) and Robert Nighthawk.The album enjoyed rave reviews, a ton of independent radio play and a featured spot on XM 74 satelite radio as a 'Pick to Click. Matt currently works with Austin Hicks in their Rock drum-guitar duo, the Low Counts and also does shows and is involved in projects under his name as well.